Introducing Sabina’s Sangria

Gluten Free

5% ABV

80 Calories per 6 oz. serving

Rich ruby red color

Body captures sweetness and tartness of citrus and berries in perfect balance

Aromas of raspberry, elderberry, and a hint of citrus

Best served over ice with a slice of orange. Enjoy while entertaining friends in your backyard!

The day Sabina Sorg and Peter Straub met, nearly 150 years ago, a legacy was launched that continues on today. A brewers daughter and an emerging brew master, found each other in St. Marys, PA and began handcrafting beers in the tradition of their German heritage. In the spirit of our adventurous matriarch, Straub Brewery is proud to offer Sabina’s Wild Berry Sangria Spritzer! We can envision her enjoying a glass of red wine, mixed with fresh fruit, while sitting on their front porch on Sorg Street overlooking the Brewery.

Join us for a refreshing glass!